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TAQTIQA™ provides a powerful API that allows you to effortlessly request and manage your Trade and Quote (TAQ) data streams. Why build your own data infrastructure when you can use our’s and leverage a standard web/HTTP stack?

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Opportunity & Empowerment

  • Enterprise infrastructure
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Built & priced to scale with you
  • Eliminate hardware costs

TAQTIQA™ is a Streaming Data Delivery Network that enables you to combine what the Web does best. Perform at scale while leaving you free to use your own cutting-edge tools and technologies to consume the data feed.

Your trading scripts/agents run everywhere. On your desktop, tablet, colocation and cloud. To stream data to them, you need that data to be available from everywhere.

TAQTIQA™ is the quickest and easiest way to get your data streamed to your automated-trading agents, backtesting routines or trade execution audit applications.

Whether you’re an independent trader or a large hedge fund, our pricing is designed to offer access to everyone.

Stay in touch. We’re assembling a full stack of additional services to allow you to focus on your trading development and testing rather than data infrastructure and integration.

TAQTIQA™ strives to provide the best streaming data infrastructure and expertise

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Innovation & Experience

  • Powerful & elegant REST API
  • 8 TIQA plants
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • No break-fees
  • No propreitary technology lock-in

Our infrastructure and pricing are designed to enable you to create something great. No matter how big or small an enterprise.

We aim to ensure everyone has access to the data needed to succeed.

TAQTIQA™ manages the full stack of technologies and tools you need to stream your TAQ data. By using standard Web technologies (any HTTP client library), TAQTIQA™’s client code can run across devices and across platforms.

Wherever and whenever you need it.

TAQTIQA™ bridges the infrastructure gap between running small scale prototypes and full scale (whole market) back-tests. We provide you with one data access API capable of servicing all your needs throughout your trading/algorithm development lifecycle.

You can be confident your application backend is secure, reliable, and can grow in line with your business needs - without needing any capital expenditure upfront.

How TAQTIQA™ has come to be

About Us

Motivated by Experience

  • Finance
  • Market microstructure

Mark founded TAQTIQA™ to eliminate a sizable barrier-to-competition preventing individual traders, analysts and researchers from conveniently accessing and utilizing comprehensive records of financial market trading activity.

TAQTIQA™ is the finance sector’s only market data vendor that provides scalable, pay-as-you-go, streams of complete trade and quote datasets. No technology lockin. No massaging. No filtering. You get the full information content of all trades and quotes for all symbols/tickers.

Prior to founding TAQTIQA™, Mark was a member of the Business Faculty (Finance) at the University of Sydney. Previously he served as a member of the Business Faculty (Finance) at the University of Western Australia, where he completed his Ph.D. in Finance Supervised by Prof. Ross Maller.

Mark’s thesis developed a time series specification test, analysed its small sample properties, extended a random variance option pricing model and empirical analysis of tick-by-tick data. His research interests are in quantitative finance with particular interest in market-microstructure.

While at UWA Mark designed one of the first web based course management websites, a market niche that came to be known as Learning Management Systems. He also wrote and managed a distributed computing application that ran across 300+ computers.

TAQTIQA™’s product offering and architecture build on these experiences to provide both individuals and enterprises access to a cost effective, robust and scalable streaming data services.